Welcome to Anime Konbini, your convenient place for anime and kawaii goods! We focus on providing fans of anime and Japanese pop culture with keychains and small items of their favorite anime series and cute plushies originating from Japan.

Kon the Kitsune

Our mascot, Kon the Kitsune (fox) is here to help you out and make your shopping experience the best it can be! He loves eating sweets and collecting plushies. When he's not dutifully fulfilling his duties at Anime Konbini, Kon likes to take naps and make new friends. Let Kon know what he can help you with anything or if there's any series you'd like us to carry merch of!

Anime Konbini is run by an anime-loving gal who has an affinity for merch and her capable partner. Having many years of experience doing artist alley at conventions and running a successful Etsy shop, she wanted to up her game and take the next step in her dreams of running an online anime shop and doing dealer's room at cons. Located in Houston, you can find us at conventions starting in 2020 around Texas and hopefully the other states!

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